by Laurence F Harvey

"Auden" is a collection of four songs featuring the poems of W H Auden. Scroll down to read more and listen to the music.

The Songs

01 Autumn Song

Ostensibly about autumn, the poem soon veers into Auden's favourite territories - death, pain and suffering.

02 The Fall of Rome

A poem describing the fall of a classic civilisation but told with chilling present day relevance.  All civilisations fall, and the ingredients of their downfalls repeat over and over.

03 A Walk After Dark

Lamenting a lost youth, but celebrating the eternal nature of the universe.  Some say this poem is a polemic about the 2nd World War - but if so, the references are typically opaque and obtuse.

04 As I Walked Out One Evening (excerpts)

"In headaches and in worries, vaguely life leaks away."  Basically we don't last forever.  Meanwhile time watches from the shadows,  and "coughs when we would kiss".  I put this poem firmly in the nihilist pile.


Laurence F Harvey - I am a musician living in Horsham, West Sussex UK writing and producing rock, pop and orchestral music.

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