pop star

POP STAR (2005)

‘Pop Star’ was a pop/rock album produced in 2005.  All words and music by Laurence Harvey (except where shown).  Several of the songs (‘the book of love’, ‘the girl who is the end’, ‘within four walls’) were performed live at the Redoubt Fort in Harwich by ‘Another Citizen’.   You can listen to most of the songs or watch the live videos by clicking on the links in the track listing.  The album cover design lists ‘lead vocals by Rob Warner’ but he never got to complete this task, so the vocals are by me (Laurence).

this time  1
belong (your shine has gone)  2
the book of love  (live video)  3
the girl who is the end  (live video)  4
within four walls (lyrics by Mike Gosling)  (live video)  5
easy  6
hold on   7
pop star  8
the darkness (lyrics by Phil Knight)  9
the beginning  10
slow  11